Weekend Specials, Sat & Sun Dec 8-9

Weekend Specials, Sat & Sun Dec 8-9


Coconut Shrimp (vegan) $7.50
Fried veggie shrimp coated in coconut flakes and served with Thai sweet chilli sauce


Tempeh Taco Salad (vegan) $9.50
Tortilla bowl, smoked tempeh, black beans, lettuce, cherry tomatoes,  olives, avocado ranch dressing


Pumpkin Quinoa Chili (vegan) $12.95
Pumpkin, organic quinoa, butternut squash, black beans, cannellini beans, organic corn and tomatoes. Served with sauteed kale, avocado and corn bread.

Brunch Specials

Savory French Toast $9.50
Challah bread with organic egg in the middle, mushrooms, mix cheese. Served with fountain fries and salad.

Butternut Squash, Pine Nuts and Ricotta Roulade $ 9.50
Served with salad and fountain fries.