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Sharani R. East Providence, RI

You have got to save room for the tiramisu – I’ve never had better anywhere else. That said, the soups, salads and entrees are appealing as well.

When I’m in this neighborhood, I try to be sure to stop by and always find an oasis of calm and serenity amidst the busy city vibes surrounding it.

They are more gourmet than some of the other vegetarian restaurants in the area and there are usually excellent specials to supplement the consistent favorites on the regular menu.

You can’t go wrong with the neat loaf and mashed potatoes. Any of the wrap sandwiches come recommended – I like “fake” meat and this restaurant lets you order it as a side dish alacarte or as part of an ensemble such as the Duck Surprise.

The food always tastes fresh. Don’t be fooled by the location – this little restaurant is a gourmet slice of heaven proving that some restaurants feed both body and soul.

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Mark R., Forest Hills, NY

Easily one of the best vegetarian restaurants in NYC

… (although in Queens) offering creative gourmet faux meats and incredible desserts — the tiramisú is the best I have had (and I once lived in Italy).

Entrees include a very hearty “neatloaf” with real mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. A garlic-sautéed Duck Surprise tastes almost real. The vegetarian burgers are much better than your average veggie burger that is a typical add-on at most restaurants nowadays.

“Thai Heaven” includes a mildly spicy coconut cashew curry sauce served with sautéed veggie chicken. The chicken dishes are my favorite, including a lemon chicken wrap.

Appetizers are also good, with veg buffalo wings with a cajun BBQ sauce, and “Magic Mushrooms” sautéed in a ginger sauce.

The desserts seem to vary from season to season, including some chocolate mousse and cakes and cheesecakes.

The atmosphere is classy and peaceful but not too stuffy. Prices are affordable. The downside is that is that it can be a little difficult to find the restaurant the first time — its in the middle of Queens more in a neighborhood than a thoroughfare.

As described in the menu, the restaurant is a tribute to the late Sri Chinmoy who advocated vegetarian food for clearer thought and more peaceful demeanor. Perhaps we need a few more vegetarian restaurants in the world…

Via Yelp.com